How much does it cost to travel Vanuatu like a Travel Guide? Image shows Vanuatu beaches.

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TRAVEL GUIDES RECAP - VANUATU | How Much Would It Cost to Travel Vanuatu Like A Travel Guide?

12th May 2023

Crystalline blue pools, endangered turtles, and immersive cultural activities. How to travel Vanuatu like a Travel Guide!

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Fourth stop? Vanuatu!

In this episode, the Travel Guides explored the tropical paradise of Vanuatu in island time, chilling out in beachfront accommodation, canoeing crystalline blue pools, releasing endangered hawksbill turtles back into the wild, and immersing themselves in the culture.

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Sit back and relax as the Fren Family (Mark, Cathy, Jono and Victoria), the Boys (Kev, Dorian and Teng), the Snobs (Kevin and Janetta), the Husbands (Matt and Brett), and the Outback Siblings (Stack and Josh), take you on a tour of the top attractions in Vanuatu.

Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes

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VANUATU TRAVEL ITINERARY | Best things to do in Vanuatu


Vanuatu is one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets, with only 120,000 tourists each year discovering the 83 islands Vanuatu has to offer.

With sapphire seas, tranquil and affordable accommodation, rich culture, and warm, friendly locals, this just might change in the future as more and more people discover this Pacific jewel.

Not only that, but it’s also just a stone’s throw from Australia, so there’s less flight time and more travel time!

If you really wanted to, you could turn one of your long weekends into a Vanuatu holiday, and soak up the sun in island paradise.

Read on for everything the Travel Guides did in Vanuatu, and how much it cost...

Day 1-3 | Port Vila – Capital of Vanuatu


Vanuatu Accommodation & Flights – Port Vila



The Travel Guides flew with Air Vanuatu – which was a very short trip, for some, just a three-hour flight!
COST: Sydney to Vanuatu return flights are priced from $580AUD, Melbourne to Vanuatu return flights are about $680AUD, and Brisbane to Vanuatu return flights start at around $500AUD. Or find some Vanuatu travel deals and Vanuatu travel packages with our friends at Flight Centre


Once the Guides arrived in Port Vila, they took a short boat ride to a nearby island to check into Erakor Island Reort & Spa. This resort has 27 fully airconditioned rooms and bangalows, as well as 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom beach houses to book out.
The Travel Guides were welcomed with a cultural event, and also every Thursday night the Erakor has a Melanesian Feast for $55 (children eat for $25), and watched a stunning firetwirling performance!
They also did some kayaking, climbed some coconut trees, played beach volleyball and relaxed.

COST: Rooms at Erako Island Resort & Spa vary from $250AUD per night 
Some of the room options (from villas to beachfront houses)…
Garden Room: $250AUD per night
Beachfront Lagoon Villa: $450 per night
Beachfront Deluxe Spa Villa: $550 per night
Honeymoon Pool Villa: $650 per night
Beachfront Lagoon Villa: $450 per night
Tahlindi Beach House:$795 per night
Pandanus Beach House:$895 per night
White Sands Beach House:$1100 per night

Now flights and accommodation are sorted, on to Vanuatu travel guide…


Exploring Port Vila

Just a short boat-ride away is of course, the main island with Port Villa.

The Travel Guides explored the markets, had lap lap (the national food of Vanuatu), saw some iguanas, and the most exciting of all: explored the lush tropical rainforest on quad bikes with Offroad Adventures Bush & Beach Bash Tour.

This is perfect for adrenaline junkies but be warned: you can get pretty muddy.

Luckily, there’s a pristine ocean to wash off all the mud once you’ve finished adventuring!

COST: Offroad Adventures Bush & Beach Bash Tour costs $99AUD (8000VUV) per adult.


Boat Tour to Turtle Sanctuary

One of the most enticing aspects of Vanuatu is the rich wildlife and biodiversity within the 83 islands, including the endangered Hawksbill Turtle.

The Travel Guides took a Coongoola Boat Tour to Tranquility Eco Resort & Sanctuary to see these beautiful animals, where volunteers raise the baby turtles before releasing them into the wild, increasing their chance of survival from 2% to 80%.

The people who release the turtles even get to name them!

PS: The Travel Guides even saw dolphins on their way to the island!

COST: The Coongoola Boat Tour has tours from $123AUD (10,000 VUV).


Day 4-7 | Espiritu Santo – The Largest Island in Vanuatu


Vanuatu Accommodation & Flights – Espiritu Santo



The Travel Guides took a 50-minute flight with Air Vanuatu – to the island of Espiritu Santo, which is the largest island in Vanuatu and home to the famous Blue Pool.
COST: $462 per person for a return flight from Port Vila to Luganville.


From Luganville, the Travel Guides took a 10-minute trip to Aore Island Resort
This boutique accommodation focuses on relaxing and resetting – no wifi or TV allowed, so you really switch off.
The Travel Guides were greeted with a friendly cultural welcome, and went to their private bungalows… each with their own little private beach.
COST: The bungalows range from $340AUD to $400AUD per night.

Read on for everything the Travel Guides did in Port Vila, and how much it cost...


Water Music Cultural Experience

Once a week, the Aore Island Resort offers a cultural experience – Water Music. For centuries, the  women and girls of remote northern islands of Vanuatu have made music out of water – skilfully cupping and slicing the water to create echoes – and telling stories about their way of life.
The women of the Travel Guides got to participate in this ‘aquatic symphony’ – it’s a lot more difficult than it looks!
COST: Free, part of hotel activities.

Canoeing in the RiRi Blue Hole (and Matevulu Blue Hole)

“Like a magical little fairyland” – The Snobs
The RiRi Blue Hole and nearby Matevulu Blue Hole are a pristine, crystal clear, vividly azure natural spring, and the Travel Guides dove into the 18-metre deep water via a rope swing after paddling their way with wooden canoes.
The locals have gone to huge efforts to make this natural wonder accessible with bathrooms and change areas, and you can find the canoes by asking the locals!
COST: 500 Vanuatu Vatu (VUV) per person (around $7 AUD).

Cultural Experiences and Jungle Tours

The Leweton Cultural Village Tour was one of the most exciting parts of the trip, with the Travel Guides experiencing the ancient traditions of Vanuatu culture first-hand – from being greeted with spears, to cooking traditional meals, to drinking kava (Vanuatu’s traditional healing drink).
Also in Luganville, the Travel Guides learned traditional weaving and sand drawing!
COST: Leweton Cultural Village Tour costs 4000 Vanuatu Vatu (VUV) per person (about $50AUD).


How much to budget for a Vanuatu holiday?



The official currency in Vanuatu is the Vanuatu Vatu (VUV).

VANUATU TRAVEL MONEY TIPS – How To Get The Right Currency at the Best Rates

Make sure to keep an eye out on currency exchange rates for the Vanuatu Vatu, and come and see us before you go!
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Of course, you can’t travel Vanuatu like a Travel Guide without using our Currency Pass – the official currency card used by the Travel Guides!
There’s a reason this card is trusted by the Travel Guides – it makes managing foreign easy.
For your Vanuatu vacation, you’ll mostly want to take Vanuatu Vatu in foreign cash, but it’s always good to have a backup – so load up your Currency Pass in AUD, and it will automatically convert to VUV – just make sure to select “LOCAL CURRENCY” when paying to avoid hefty dynamic conversion fees.


In Vanuatu, cash is still king. You’ll pretty much be dealing mostly in cash, or withdrawing cash from an ATM – whether it be for tour operators or market stalls. There are very few ATMs and money exchange offices, and often travellers run out of cash (especially in remote areas).
We recommend having Vanuatu Vatu (VUV) in cash, and having your Currency Pass prepaid travel card as a backup – remembering that it’d only really be possible to withdraw from an ATM in Port Vila and Luganville and not in the rural areas.

Tipping isn’t expected or customary in Vanuatu, just be kind. If you really want to show your appreciation, you could offer a little gift.
Bargaining at market stalls or bartering anywhere is not standard practice in Vanuatu.

The main tourist towns of Port Vila and Luganville have ATMs, but in rural areas there will be no access to ATMs. Make sure to have enough cash to get you by!



If you were to do all the activities we saw the Travel Guides do on their week-long holiday in Vanuatu, going for the mid-range options, it would look a little something like this:

Flight to Port Vila: $580
Accommodation at Erakor Island Reort & Spa Honeymoon Villa: $650 per night for 3x nights >> $1950 total.
Offroad Adventures Bush & Beach Bash Tour: $99AUD (8000VUV) per adult.
Shopping at the markets: Up to you!
Coongoola Boat Tour: $123AUD (10,000VUV).
Flight to Luganville: $462AUD
Accommodation at Aore Island Resort: $340 per night for 3x nights >> $1020 total.
Canoeing in Ri Ri Blue Hole: 500 VUV ($7 AUD).
Leweton Cultural Village Tour: 4000VUV ($50AUD).

In total, your Vanuatu Holiday comes to $4291 Australian Dollars per person.
Of course, that doesn’t cover any shopping, food and snacks, transport, insurance, visas, and more, so factor that into your Vanuatu travel budget too!



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