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We love money

The Beatles once said that money can’t buy love. Whilst this may be the case, money helps unlock life changing travel experiences and that’s pretty close to love in our books.

Why does this matter? Well, Travel Money Oz is essentially the key to unlocking wanderlust and travel envy for customers across Australia. Our consultants are experts in providing foreign currency solutions that help customers get more out of their holiday. We are more traveller than banker and we are fluent in global currencies.

Sound good? Of course it does. Just wait though, it gets better.

We love travel

Travel Money Oz is part of Australia’s largest and most progressive travel retailer (not dropping names or anything but it is Flight Centre). Travel is in the DNA of our company, and should be a key motivator for anyone joining the Travel Money Oz family. Our employees thrive in a culture fuelled by hard work and fun; we take our job seriously but not ourselves.

You should work with us because…

As leaders in the foreign exchange market, we are constantly seeking fresh faces that are motivated by the values that mean the most to us. When someone is the perfect fit they are not only welcomed into a culture of like-minded individuals, but are also exposed to the following:

  • Full industry training (not the boring kind though – did we mention we are fun?)
  • Fantastic earning potential (sell the money to make the money)
  • Flight Centre Travel Group’s extensive global career network
  • Free health and financial planning services
  • Travel benefits (duh)
  • Global currencies in a rapidly changing environment.

Who is the perfect fit, you ask? Our consultants are compelling and personable sellers, confident in chatting to anyone and everyone about their travel plans and travel money needs. Their outstanding customer service and sales skills help set us apart from the rest and make us experts in the wider foreign exchange market.

I love money and travel, and you guys sound pretty cool. What now?

If you’ve read this far, chances are you are liking the sound of joining the Travel Money Oz team.
Click here to find our current job opportunities!

OMG, there is a job available in my state and I’ve memorised the lyrics to Money, Money, Money by ABBA. How does this process work?

Step 1: Follow the steps on the listing and submit your application, cover letter and any supporting documentation. (Hint – we love a good travel money pun).

Step 2: Cross your fingers and toes. Then uncross your fingers and start practicing counting money because it’s an important skill in our business. Pop on Lonely Planet and brush up on your destination knowledge too.

Step 3: Ring Ring… 1800 Travel Money Bling is calling and we want to see you for an interview. Shine your shoes and get your glad rags on – we want consultants that know how to sell and look good doing it.

Step 4: Join us for a recruitment day, where we will put your skills to the test and our recruiters see if you do in fact fit the travel money team.

Step 5: Sweat profusely and stare at your phone as you wait for 'the call'. 

Step 6:

Option 1: All aboard the Travel Money express, next station is your store because you have got the job! Once you have completed the relevant documentation (and happy dancing) we look forward to welcoming you in store.

Option 2: Look, we think you’re awesome but we aren’t ready for you yet. You are welcome to repeat steps 1 through 5 in another 6 months if you are keen. Until then we recommend you book a holiday and grab your travel money from us before you go.