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TRAVEL KINDLY | How to take care of your mental health while travelling the world

29th September 2023

While travel can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health (thanks to all the dopamine that comes from seeing new things and feeling gratitude, awe, and excitement!), it's still important to take care of your heart and mind - after all, there are still ups and downs when travelling, just like any other day.

So here are some tips we have for taking care of your mental health while travelling the globe!


Actively practise gratitude.

This one might seem like a no-brainer (see what we did there?), but sometimes we get so caught up in checking up our bucketlist that we forget to stop and soak it all in. Take it slow, make time to pause and really take in your surroundings, and marinate in that feeling of awe. That's what travel is all about!

Journal out your feelings.

There can be a lot of pressure to have "the best time of your life" when travelling (after all, we've just saved up and spent a lot of money to be here!) and it can lead to feeling disappointed, or that you're not being productive enough. If these uncomfortable feelings creep in, try journalling about it to process them. Make sure to also journal your positive feelings too! That way, you can see it all and look at it objectively once the feelings have passed.

Reach out to your loved ones.

Of course, if you're hundreds of kilometres away in a gorgeous new country, you can sometimes feel a bit lonely and isolated. Reach out to your support network (whether it's friends, family, or your mental health practitioner) to help you through tough times!

Arrange telehealth appointments while you're away.

It's good to keep a consistent routine with your mental health, so if you have a health care provider, remember you can always schedule telehealth appointments and checkins while you're on holiday!

Play, and try new things that excite you.

Keep in touch with your inner child and do things that make your heart sing! Whether it's trying a local cooking class, or participating in some street dancing, do something that takes you out of your mind and into the moment.

Keep active and eat healthy.

We're not saying to skip the gelato in Italy. That would be a crime! But make sure you do something for your physical health - whether it's going for a stroll in the beautiful scenery, spending some time in nature, or adding an extra veggie dish to your meal. And of course, make sure to drink a lot of water (check the country before you go to make sure it's safe to drink the tap water).

Plan ahead to reduce the stressors and triggers.

We get it. Travelling can be really stressful. To reduce those anxious feelings, make sure to plan ahead – whether it’s getting your foreign currency organised before you leave, or having a travel agent take care of the planning for you. The more prepared you are, the calmer you’ll feel before your trip!


And that rounds out our top tips to help take care of your mental health when travelling.
Hope it helps, and have an amazing time abroad!