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Currency Converter

Calculate your exchange rates

Our foreign exchange calculator above is the easiest part of travelling overseas. No multiplication or division – just punch in what currency and amount you need, and see how much that’ll come to. Lock it in and buy it online, then pick it up from any of our stores. Give the currency calculator above a go!

Please note - due to the impact of COVID-19, while our stores are temporarily closed until after significant international travel has resumed, we only have exchange rates available for buying or reloading our prepaid Currency Pass. We do not have foreign cash rates while our stores are closed.

Rate table on currency converter page

Buy Rate vs. Sell Rate

Buy rates are the rates we offer for you to buy different currencies. You’ll find over 60 foreign currencies in our handy currency converter above, so you can find out in a flash how much it’ll cost.

As for sell rates, that’s the rate you get if you’re selling a foreign currency back to us. Maybe you put on a few pounds over in the UK, or you were left with ten yen when you got back from Japan. You can sell those back to us for the good old Aussie dollar.

For a full list of sell rates, head into a local store or give us a call.